Trust the process, embrace the future

We may be a boutique brand but who said size is better than substance? Due to our size, collaborating with us ensures a more cost effective, personalised and human solution to your search. It also means our partners have direct interaction with a specialised sports professional dedicated to guiding you through every stage of the process.

What sets
us apart

Our team are sports and business fanatics with a network of sports professionals unlike any other. Different to conventional recruiters and executive search agencies, our team isn't just limited to traditional recruiters. We have a large network external 'consultants' who work across multiple sports giving us direct and personal access to a huge array of passive candidates.

By working in such a unique way, we pride ourselves on being the most connected recruiters in the sports business.

Disruptors in the
world of sports

Sports Recruitment is proud to be a transformative force, challenging traditional methodologies with innovative approaches. Our aim is to redefine the landscape by leveraging our human approach coupled with cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the evolving sports industry. By prioritising personalised experiences and a comprehensive grasp of emerging trends, we want to fundamentally reshape how talent is sourced, evaluated and matched with the diverse needs of the sports industry.

Diversity &

We recognise that our industry needs to work harder behind the scenes to reflect the diversity seen on the main stage.

Sports Recruitment uphold an environment that celebrates and values diversity, leveraging the unique contributions of individuals to foster ongoing success in our workplace. Our goal is to harness a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences to meet the evolving needs of the Sports Industry.

We are dedicated to championing diversity, ensuring fair and just treatment for all individuals while adhering to current legislation. Social inclusion stands as one of our core values, evident in every aspect of our operations. Given the diverse industries and communities we serve, we embrace the vast array of talent within the market.

Our commitment remains steadfast in promoting equal opportunities and denouncing any form of unlawful or unjust discrimination.

Passion and excellence behind the scenes leads to victory in the arena.